Permits for Right-of-Way Construction

To ensure the quality of work and to protect township residents from liability for damage to township property, a Maine Township Road District Permit is needed for any construction in the unincorporated area that might affect the public right-of-way. The township requires a bond and a certificate of insurance from the contractor. Permit and waiver letters can be obtained at the Highway Department by appointment only.

Helpful Information

Cook County Building and Zoning Website
Cook County Building and Zoning Phone: 312-603-0500

Waiver Letter for Cook County

Where a permit is not required by the township you can obtain a permit waiver letter for Cook County.

Request for Permit Waiver Instructions – e-signable document

Simple Permit

When doing construction in the unincorporated area that might affect the public right-of-way you will need to obtain a permit. You can fill out the application form below and return it to the Highway Department for approval.

Permit Application Form – e-signable document

Plan Submittal

New construction or major additions require that civil engineering plans be pre-approved by Maine Township before applying to Cook County.

Permit Plan Submittal Form – e-signable document

Engineering Detail Plans

General Notes

  1. The Maine Township Highway Department shall be notified at least 48 hours in advance of any construction. The silt fence and soil erosion control measures must be in place, inspected and approved prior to starting construction.
  2. The benchmark used for all projects shall be a Maine Township Highway Department Benchmark or USGS Benchmark if approved by the Township Highway Commissioner.
  3. All Maine Township right-of-way disturbed during construction shall be restored with 6″ topsoil and sod.
  4. All downspouts shall discharge at grade to the front and rear of the property. Downspouts shall not be tied into the storm sewer system or piped to the right-of-way. No downspouts shall discharge toward the neighboring property.
  5. All storm sewer installed in the Maine Township right-of-way shall be PVC, SDR 26.

Fee Schedule

Below you will find a list of all permit fees.

Fee Schedule List