2020 Cook County Assessor Appeal Dates for Maine Township are Tentatively Scheduled for July 7 through August 11

Residents that want to file an appeal with the Cook County Assessor will have the opportunity from July 7 through August 11, 2020.   Residents will not receive an assessment notice in the mail because this is not a reassessment year. Triennial notices were mailed last year in 2019.


Lack of uniformity. Similar properties should be assessed with like properties. To substantiate an appeal based on lack of uniformity, it is necessary to find properties comparable to yours that have lower assessed valuations. The Township Assessor’s office can help you find comparable properties quickly and easily.

Errors in property characteristics. Every residential property has a set of characteristics which determine its assessed value. Errors in characteristics can be appealed. The type of error most likely to result in an assessment reduction is one that overstates the square footage of your property.

Appeal based on overvaluation.  If the property value set by the Cook County Assessor is higher than a recent purchase price or recent appraisal for your property, an appeal may be successful.  You are encouraged to submit supporting documentation, such as recent closing statements, appraisal, or purchase prices of homes similar to yours, along with your appeal.


With Maine Township’s help.  Once Maine Township officially opens for appeals, our office can help residents prepare and file appeals.

On my own.  For property owners that want to file on their own, they can do an online appeal on the Cook County Assessor’s website.  https://propertytaxfilings.cookcountyil.gov/