2021 Cook County Assessor Appeal Decision Letter
As of December 17, 2021, Maine Township’s 2021 decision letters from the Cook County Assessor have not been released. According to Assessor Kaegi, the delay is attributed to converting the old County’s system to a new “integrated” computer system. Once the decision letters are released, the Cook County Assessor will pass the data file of assessments to the Cook County Board of Review. At this time, we do not have a date as to when the BOR will open for Maine Township. Watch our website for further information.

2021 First Installment Property Tax Bills Will Mail Early January
The 2021 First Installment Property Tax Bill will be mailed in early January by the Cook County Treasurer. This bill does not reflect any exemptions. It is simply 55% of the total of 2020’s bill. The 2021 tax bill will be due Tuesday, March 1, 2022.

2021 Exemptions Will Auto-Renew
According to Cook County Assessor Kaegi, the 2021 property tax exemptions will auto-renew, just as they did for 2020. If the exemption appeared on your 2020 Second Installment Property Tax Bill, you do not need to apply for anything. The exemption will automatically roll onto your 2021 Second Installment Property Tax Bill. However, if you recently purchased your home, had a deed/title change, or had to apply for a 2020 Certificate of Error, you need to reapply in March 2022. Maine Township will assist you in completing the online application. Formal communications about this should be sent to residents from Assessor Kaegi in March. The 2021 Second Installment Property Tax Bills are estimated to be late this year.