Neighborhood Watch: More Important Now Than Ever

Unfortunately, the dramatic rise of violent crime continues to remain constant both in the City of Chicago and surrounding suburban communities.

At Maine Township, ensuring that residents feel safe in their own homes and in our communities is essential to maintaining the strong quality of life we all enjoy.

If you’re looking to engage further with our community peace officers and hear what’s happening directly from the source then look no further than the Neighborhood Watch program headed and led by Maine Township Trustee Kimberly Jones!

Maine Township Neighborhood Watch gives residents a chance to meet with local law enforcement in the community, discuss current events and crime statistics and have a frank, honest discussion about what is working in the community and what is not working.

Recently, the state legislature enacted many meaningful reforms to help bridge the divide in policing practices with the needs and expectations of the community. Known collectively as the SAFE-T Act, the set of new laws will better help to make programs such as the Maine Township Neighborhood Watch more constructive and beneficial for the needs of the community. Police Chief Frank Kaminski of Park Ridge took an active role in advocating for the interests of police in within the new state law and the Maine Township Neighborhood watch strongly values and appreciates his steadfast leadership to public safety and the needs of the collective community.

We look forward to inviting Chief Kaminski to an upcoming meeting of the Neighborhood Watch so we can discuss these new reforms and put words into action!

Maine Township Neighborhood Watch meets the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00 pm. Neighborhood Watch brings residents together with local government and law enforcement to help build community awareness, boost safety, and resolve issues. Present at the meetings are representatives from the Cook County Sheriff’s Office, the North Maine Fire Department, and the Maine Township Code Enforcement Office. In addition, a Maine Township Trustee serves as the liaison between The Neighborhood Watch Group, The Cook County Sheriff’s Department, and the Maine Township elected officials, bringing important issues to the table for discussion.

In addition to monthly meetings, Maine Township Neighborhood Watch works with the Cook County Sheriff’s Police to sponsor “National Night Out Against Crime,” which works to build the relationship between residents and local law enforcement.

If you have questions or would like more information please call Maine Township at 224-257-4829.