Maine Township residents will have their second opportunity to file a 2020 appeal with the Cook County Board of Review from November 16 through December 15, 2020.

Maine Township Assessor’s Office will assist residents in filing appeals between November 16 through December 11, 2020.  The December 11th township deadline will allow the Maine Township Assessor time to transmit the paperwork to the Cook County Board of Review by the December 15th county deadline.  This will ensure all paperwork is processed timely.  All appeals will be filed, when requested by the taxpayer, by calling our office at 224-257-4830.  We will then file the appeal on your behalf.  Please be advised, taxpayers must be the owner, former owner liable for the tax, beneficiary of the trust or an executor of the property in order to file an appeal.  Once we have processed the appeal, we will mail you the confirmation. 

If a resident prefers to file their own appeal, our office will provide you with comparable properties that can be uploaded to   Results from The Board of Review will be mailed directly to the appellant in Spring 2021.  Any reductions will be reflected on the 2020 second installment tax bill.  The Cook County Board of Review is closed for all in person access to the public due to COVID19, therefore the procedure for hearings has changed.  As of today, the Cook County Board of Review informed us that hearings will be held over the telephone.          

The office will be closed November 26th and 27th, in observation of the Thanksgiving Holiday.