2021 Second Installment Property Tax bills, payable in 2022, have been posted to the Cook County Treasurer’s Office website. Taxpayers can view, pay, and print out a copy of their property tax bills. The Cook County Treasurer anticipates mailing the paper bills in late November. The Second Installment is due December 30, 2022.

Second Installment property tax bills include property tax exemptions calculated by the Cook County Assessor and local tax rates calculated by the Cook County Clerk. Please review these bills to ensure your exemptions are correctly posted. If you do not see your exemptions, please contact the Maine Township Assessor’s office for assistance.

Do You Pay Your Property Taxes?

There are five ways to pay your property taxes:

  • Pay Online for Free on the Cook County Treasurer’s Website.  There is no fee if you pay from your bank account.
  • Pay at Chase.  You may pay at any Chase Bank location in Illinois, including those located outside Cook County.
  • Pay at a Community Bank.  You may pay at more than 100 community banks where you have an account.
  • Pay by Mail.  Open item and forfeiture redemption bills may only be paid by mail or at the Treasurer’s Office.
  • Pay at the Treasurer’s Office.  The office is located at 118 N. Clark St, Room 112, Chicago, Illinois 60602.

Does Your Mortgage Company Pay Your Taxes?

Now is the time to have a conversation with them to review your escrow payments. With your total property tax liability for 2021 determined, you can calculate your 2022 first installment property taxes payable in March 2023 (total 2021 taxes paid in 2022 x 55%). Be informed about how this property tax liability affects your escrow payments.

If you have questions about this property tax bill or any property tax question, please contact us by phone at 224-257-4830.