Appealing Your Assessment

Maine Township Appeal Dates
Maine Township residents have the right to file an appeal each year. Unfortunately, the filing dates vary annually and are inconsistent. This can make it difficult to determine when it is the correct time to file. Click the button below to view the most recent assessment calendar.

Appeal Deadlines

If you think your residential property is over-assessed for any of the following reasons, then you may appeal to get your assessment reviewed:

  • Your property’s improvement value is assessed higher, per square foot, than other properties in your neighborhood of similar size, style, and construction.
  • The Assessor’s description of your property (such as the total square feet of living space) is wrong. However, a minor error does not necessarily indicate an incorrect assessment.
  • The Assessor’s stated market value for your property is higher than the property’s actual market value.
  • Your property was uninhabitable for all, or part of, the year due to fire, flood, tornado, or other disasters.

Property owners have three venues through which they may appeal their assessments. The first place you may appeal is the Cook County Assessor’s Office. If you do not appeal to the County Assessor, or if the reduction granted is too small, you may then appeal to the Cook County Board of Review. Your last chance for assessment reduction is with the Property Tax Appeal Board (PTAB). However, you may not appeal to the PTAB unless you have already appealed to the Board of Review. Each one of these entities sets very specific dates as to when the appeals can be filed.  It is best to watch their specific website for filing dates and deadlines. Registering an email with each of the entities will ensure that the critical date is not missed. We will post the information on the Maine Township website as soon as it is made available.

Maine Township Neighborhood Map

Click on the above map to see how each neighborhood has been defined by the Cook County Assessor.