Assessor FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Assessor
What if I did not receive an exemption on my Second Installment Property Tax Bill to which I was entitled?
You can apply for a Certificate of Error at our office or the County Assessor’s Office and receive a refund on the extra taxes you paid for the most recent three years. If you have not yet paid this year’s bill, come to the Maine Township Assessor’s Office to receive assistance.
If I appeal my assessment and receive a reduction, when will it appear on my tax bill?
It will appear on the Second Installment Property Tax Bill for the year in which you appealed.
Is there any charge for appealing my assessment at Maine Township?
No. Our office will help you file an appeal.
How often can I appeal my property tax assessment?
You can appeal your assessment every year at the Cook County Assessor’s Office, the Cook County Board of Review, and the Property Tax Appeal Board (PTAB). If you wish to file an appeal, you must do so by filing during the times set aside by the individual entities.
How many days do I have to file an appeal?
For the Cook County Assessor.  You have approximately 30-40 calendar days to file with the Cook County Assessor’s Office.

For the Board of Review. You have approximately 30 days.  The Board will post in its office and publish the opening and closing dates for filing for the township. No complaint will be accepted after the close of a township’s official filing.
Where do I gather evidence for my assessment appeal?
You can gather evidence here at the Maine Township Assessor’s Office or on the Cook County Assessor’s web site.
What type of appraisal can be used as supporting documents in my appeal?
Appraisals must be compliant with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).
Do I need an attorney to file an appeal?
No, an attorney is not needed to file a residential appeal at the Assessor’s Office or the Cook County Board of Review. Rules vary for non-residential property.
How can I file an appeal?
With Maine Township’s help.  Once Maine Township officially opens for appeals, our office can help residents prepare and file appeals.

On my own.  For property owners that want to file on their own, they can do an online appeal on the Cook County Assessor’s website when they are open or the Cook County Board of Review. Strict deadlines are adhered to by both entities.

For the Cook County Assessor:    When filing online all documents must be completed in their entirety before being submitted.   No additional documents may be submitted at a later date.

For the Board of Review:

They have an evidence submission deadline, which can be viewed on their website.
I received a reduction in my assessment from an appeal but it is not reflected on my First Installment Property Tax Bill. Why?
In general, any reduction made on your assessment will be reflected on your Second Installment Tax Bill.
I did not receive my Homeowners and Senior Exemption on my First Installment Property Tax Bill. Why?
All exemptions for which you have applied for, and are entitled to receive, will be reflected on the Second Installment Tax Bill.