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General Assistance Program Resident Savings
Through Public Aid Advocacy, LIHEAP, Benefit Access, Social Security/Disability Referrals, Coast2Coast Prescription Discount Program, Access to Care, and SHIP, the General Assistance department has served 42,306 residents in the last five years. For FY 2016-17 8,896 residents were served for a total savings amount of $625,277, with administrative costs of $697,804. Thus, General Assitance returned 90% of its administrative expenses back into the community. You can download a chart showing the amount of money residents saved on each program.

Maine Township’s General Assistance program was created to serve the needs of our financially distressed residents. Our goal is to help prevent temporary financial difficulty from becoming a devastating or life-shattering event. We strive to help Maine Township residents get back on their feet as quickly as possible by requiring and assisting those who are able to find meaningful employment. We simultaneously provide assistance in the form of food, personal essentials, rent, transportation, utilities, and clothing. In certain cases we provide medical assistance and money for necessities including funerals. Applicants are eligible for these benefits if they have depleted all of their assets and have no more than $1,000 in any account and if they do not qualify for unemployment or other government assistance. Please review this site and speak to one of our representatives at Maine Township to determine if you qualify for any of the relief programs offered by Maine Township. Call us at 847-297-2510 to arrange a confidential interview.

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