General Assistance

The Maine Township General Assistance office is open to residents for services BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. No Residents will be allowed into the building without an appointment. To schedule an appointment please call 224-257-4848.

Maine Township’s General Assistance program was created to serve the needs of our financially distressed residents. Our goal is to help prevent temporary financial difficulty from becoming a devastating or life-shattering event. We strive to help Maine Township residents get back on their feet as quickly as possible by requiring and assisting those who are able to find meaningful employment. We simultaneously provide assistance in the form of personal essentials, rent, transportation, utilities, and clothing. In certain cases we provide medical assistance and money for necessities including funerals. Applicants are eligible for these benefits if they have depleted all of their assets and have no more than $1,000 in any account and if they do not qualify for unemployment or other government assistance. Our available services are listed below. Please call us at 847-297-2510 x236 for more information about any of our programs or to arrange a confidential interview.

Benefit Access Program

No paper applications are available. Please call us to schedule your appointment and obtain a list of documents needed. The benefits available through this program are:

  • Seniors Free Transit Ride
  • Persons with Disabilities Free Transit Ride
  • Secretary of State License Plate Discount


Special discounts are available for vehicle license plates and renewal stickers.

Energy Assistance

Beginning in the fall of each year, our Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) can help low-income persons with a one-time credit toward their winter utility bills. Seniors and disabled individuals apply in October. Seniors, disabled individuals, and families with children under the age of 6 apply in November. Any resident can apply in December.

Public Aid Advocacy For Medicaid And Food Stamps

If you want help filling out forms to apply for Public Aid or Medicaid, one of our experienced staffers will be happy to assist you!

Health Insurance

Maine Township provides free assistance to persons who have problems or questions about their health insurance. Trained Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP) representatives can answer questions on health insurance benefits and coverage, particularly Medicare, Medicare Supplements, and Long Term Care Insurance.

Prescription Discount Program

Do you have Rx insurance? Stop by Maine Township and pick up your FREE Coast2CoastRx Discount Prescription Card and receive a discount on your prescriptions. Anyone can use the card. It covers drugs not covered in health plans along with many pet prescriptions! Save money on health expenses that are not covered by insurance.

Pharmaceutical Assistance Advocacy Program

This program is for persons using prescription medications for specific ailments.

Senior and Disabled Services

Senior and disabled citizens are an integral and vital part of the Maine Township community. We recognize that some members of our disabled and senior community may occasionally need assistance, and we are here to help. Maine Township has a Senior Disabled Advocate who acts as a clearing house for programs sponsored not only by the township, but also by the state, county, and local government. Any Maine Township resident who finds himself or herself in a difficult financial, medical or personal situation should visit our offices and speak to one of our trained staff to find out what kind of services may be available to accommodate their needs.

Telephone Assistance

This federal program provides discounted phone installation and monthly phone service.


Maine Township sponsors a subsidized taxicab program entitled MaineLines. It helps low-income people who are disabled pay for transportation in and around Maine Township.

Veterans Benefits Advocacy

Maine Township recognizes that some members of our veterans community may occasionally need assistance, and we are here to help. General Assistance has trained staff that act as a clearinghouse for programs sponsored by the Veterans Administration and are knowledgeable about other agencies and programs that may benefit the veteran. We will try to assist any veteran who finds themselves in a difficult financial, medical, or personal situation, or any veteran who is frustrated with the forms and “red tape.”

Other Programs and Resources:

  • Financial Assistance
  • Housing Information
  • Medical Assistance
  • Medicare Inquiries
  • Social Security Inquiries

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.