Anxiety Coping Skills Group

This research-supported treatment group helps children learn effective ways to deal with anxiety and stress. The skills training and practice exercises taught in this group will assist school-age children in the following:

  • Recognizing anxious feelings and physical reactions to anxiety
  • Clarifying thoughts and feelings in anxious situations
  • Developing plans for effective coping
  • Evaluating performance and giving self-reinforcement

The cognitive-behavioral treatment used in this group is the Coping Cat program, one of the most evidence-based tools to address unwanted/distressing anxiety in youth. During the group youth will learn about the cognitive, behavioral, and affective features of anxiety, develop and learn a plan to cope with their anxiety (the “FEAR plan”), and are then given opportunities to practice their new skills in several anxiety-provoking situations. Participant youth learn their own cues for when they are becoming anxious, as well as how to use these cues to initiate the implementation of coping skills.

This program is only available to residents of Maine Township or to students attending a Maine Township school. The group is open to children between the ages of 8-13. Only 10 spaces are available. The fee for the entire eight-week program is $40 and includes a 58-page workbook for participants and a 25-page parent companion guide. A reduced fee is available with proof of need.

The next session will meet from 5-6 pm on Wednesdays at the Maine Township Town Hall starting on February 1, 2023. Sign up for the spring session using our online sign up form.

For more information please contact Summer Zumbrock at or 847-297-2510 x274.