Slam Poetry Society

penThis program will help children ages 8-13 learn how to write poetry for managing and reflecting on their emotions, behaviors, and experiences in a healthy way. Participants will learn how to jump start their creative mind and experiment with different formats of poetry for life-long creative writing. After writing their own poetry, participants will practice presenting their poems in a poetry slam format.

This six-week program is offered free of charge to residents of Maine Township or children attending a Maine Township school. This program is intended to be introductory and no prior experience with creative writing is needed to apply. There are only 15 spots available in this program.

The next session will be held at the Maine Township Town Hall on Thursdays from 5-6 pm starting on April 13, 2023. Depending on the comfort level of the class, there may be a final showcase for friends and families of participants. To sign up, please fill out the online application below.

Slam Poetry Society Application – e-signable document 

For more information please contact Evan White at 847-297-2510 or