Psychiatric Services

MaineStay, in partnership with Josselyn, offers affordable and convenient psychiatric services to residents of Maine Township via telehealth. Available services include comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, medication management, consultation, collaboration, referral, and integration of psychiatric care into each client’s overall plan. Services are available to adults and children age 12 or older. Medicaid recipients are welcome and a sliding fee is available.

Potential clients must be already engaged in therapy services, seeking outpatient psychiatric services, demonstrate symptoms likely to be responsive to medication, or demonstrate a need for a psychiatric consultation to address differential diagnostic issues, and experience behavioral symptoms which are distressing. Maine Township residents in need of more intensive psychiatric treatment which cannot be provided in an outpatient setting, or who have a primary chemical dependence or eating disorder diagnosis are not candidates for this program.

A comprehensive psychiatric evaluation will be completed and includes an interview with the client and an interview with family members or significant others if appropriate. The client’s medical history will be reviewed to ensure all medical considerations are taken into account in determining diagnosis and treatment. Prior psychiatric evaluations, family assessment, psychological testing, review of past treatment and outside records may be used to provide clarity to the diagnostic understanding of the individual.

If you have questions or are interested in starting the intake process, please contact Arielle Kalvelage at or 847-297-2510 x273.