Our new tutoring program will provide personalized assistance designed to improve academic success and is open to students in grades 2-5. Using a small-group format, our experienced tutors will work with your child to improve their academic skills and self-confidence. These certified teachers will provide weekly, one-hour, in-person tutoring sessions. Each tutor will be assigned to a group of four students and will work with those students both individually and collectively. 

This six-week program is offered for a minimal cost of $25 to residents of Maine Township or children attending a Maine Township school who meet family income eligibility guidelines.

Our first session will be held at the Maine Township Town Hall on Tuesdays from 4:30-5:30 pm starting April 11, 2023. To sign up, please fill out the registration form below. There are only 12 spots available in this program.

Tutoring Registration Form

For more information, please contact Emily Toomey at etoomey@mainetown.com or 224-257-4853.

Income Eligibility Guidelines

Number in Family Monthly Gross Income Annual Gross Income
1 $3,645 $43,740
2 $4,930 $59,160
3 $6,215 $74,580
4 $7,500 $90,000
5 $8,785 $105,420
6 $10,070 $120,840
7 $11,355 $136,260
8 $12,640 $151,680
9 $13,925 $167,100
10 $15,210 $182,520

Court ordered child support paid out of childcare cost can be deducted from these income levels.