Glenkirk’s mission is to provide quality, lifetime supports and services which empower individuals with developmental disabilities to participate fully in all areas of community life.  Glenkirk actualizes this mission through provision of a variety of program options:


Glenkirk’s Residential Services Division offers four options to meet a broad spectrum of needs:

  • Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILAs) provide structured 24-hour supervision in 20 homes throughout the north and northwest suburbs;
  • Moraine Community Living Facility is an apartment-style residence where individuals enjoy the benefits of semi-independent living with on-site supports;
  • Family Living Arrangements provide a foster-home environment where individuals join a host family and receive the benefits and supports of living in a family-like setting;
  • Foundations for Neighborhood Living provides an array of intermittent supports that allow individuals to live independently in their own home or apartment.

Our Employment/Day Services Division comprises a variety of program options including Supported Community Employment, community-based leisure and recreational activities, adult learning programs, social skills building, and sensory integration services.   Glenkirk’s employment programs foster work at progressively more complex levels so that individuals with intellectual disabilities can work independently in their own communities. Our community-based programs promote volunteerism, education, internet literacy, health, fitness, social relationships, and active lifestyles.    


Respite care provides temporary, short-term, and time-limited relief to families caring for children or adults with intellectual disabilities. 


Life Balance Services is a psychological and behavioral health program that provides an array of therapeutic and behavioral intervention services.  Understanding that psycho-social and behavioral factors can be barriers to full community participation, Life Balance Services provides individual and group counseling, art and dance-movement therapy, and behavioral analysis to promote personal growth and development, improve self-esteem and social skills, and ensure successful participation in Glenkirk services. 

The Medical Services Program is critical to Glenkirk’s mission.  Our medical care coordination team schedules and coordinates staff support for all preventative and emergency care for participants, ensures continuity of care and follow-up, and tracks health outcomes.  Through contracted relationships with area medical providers, Glenkirk is able to provide on-site clinic services to participants that decrease wait times and allow for our participants to receive medical care in a calming and familiar environment.

Glenkirk’s Nursing team oversees the administration and monitoring of medications for individuals at our residential and day services locations.  Through staff training, home visits, and 24-hour on-call services, our nursing team ensures that staff members have ready access to a medical professional when needed for advice, consultation, or care planning.  

Northern Cook and Lake Counties



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