Maine Township COVID-19 Mask Distribution – signups now closed

Maine Township announced a new initiative in which 1,200 face masks will be distributed by Maine Township staff to unincorporated township residents throughout the community May 20-21. The new initiative is made possible by a large donation of masks from Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky’s office. “We are truly grateful to be given these masks in order to donate them to our residents of Unincorporated Maine Township,” said Maine Township Supervisor Laura Morask. “It can be difficult in these times to find a mask so any steps we can do to ease the burden and to help people keep healthy we are really happy to be able to do.”

Masks will be made available to residents who sign up in advance on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last and quantities will be limited 2 per car. Masks will be available May 20 and 21 during assigned times until supplies are deleted, if they have a need. Because of the limited supply of masks, we would like to make them available to our most vulnerable population first. We are requesting that you refrain from requesting a mask if you already have a mask. We are giving priority in distribution to seniors age 65 and over and for people under age 65 with underlying health conditions. Given how few masks there are, residents in the unincorporated area will be given priority since we are their only governmental representatives, but non-unincorporated residents may sign up for a later time on the second day, while supplies last, as well as for a waiting list. Here is what you need to know:

Fill out a Mask Request Form to signup or call 847-297-2510 ext 281. If you are not on the list, you will not receive a mask.

Masks will be distributed on a ’first come, first served’ basis to residents who sign up, and in a drive-thru fashion. We thank everyone for their patience while waiting and ask that you drive courteously. Please follow township staff instructions for entering and exiting the lots and obey all traffic laws.

Volunteers and staff in personal protective equipment will be checking identification/proof of Maine Township residence and handing out the masks to cars those who have signed up in advance. Please allow for volunteers to place the masks in the backseat of your car on the passenger side. This mask distribution is primarily for unincorporated Maine Township residents.

Up to two masks are allowed per vehicle. These masks are single use only, disposable nose and mouth earloop face masks. The Township has secured a limited supply, so we encourage residents to be considerate of others and only take what they need. If you already have a mask, please refrain from attending to allow other residents the opportunity to obtain a supply. For more information about Maine Township and all the services and programs available to help during the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit or call 847-297-2510.

More Information and Mask Distribution Policy