Maine Township Promotes Safety During Winter Months

Planning ahead for winter can really pay dividends, according to Walter Kazmierczak, Maine Township Highway Commissioner.  “If we all follow these simple rules, it can help make winter less of a burden on all of us,” he said.

“It is important for residents to observe snow route parking bans that go into effect after two inches of snow,” said Kazmierczak who added that cars that restrict the Township’s ability to plow streets may be ticketed and or towed. He advised residents to use off street parking, if possible.

Residents are also asked to keep sidewalks shoveled to facilitate safe pedestrian traffic and also to make sure that fire hydrants are accessible and visible from the street.  However, snow should not be shoveled or blown from private property onto public sidewalks or streets. “This causes unnecessary hazards and is also subject to tickets or fines,” said Kazmierczak.

The safety and mobility of all residents depend on easy access to streets and sidewalks, according the highway commissioner, who reminded people that emergency and snow plow vehicles have the right of way. He also cautioned people not to follow a snow plow or a salt truck as weather conditions may make it difficult for the driver to see them.

To facilitate snowplowing, residents are asked not to park opposite another car on a narrow street during a snowfall. They are also asked to place garbage cans at the end of driveways and not in the street as this also interferes with snowplowing.

For questions, contact the Maine Township Highway Department at 847-297-5225 or visit the township web site