MaineStreamers Attend Sinatra Sunday at Club Arcada in St. Charles!

About 110 members of the MaineStreamers witnessed an enchanting event on Sunday as they attended and dined at the much-anticipated Sinatra Sunday at Club Arcada!

This event was an evening filled with timeless music, vibrant ambiance, and the chance to revel in classic tunes heard through performer, Tony Ocean.

Club Arcada in St. Charles is home to Sinatra Sunday as a tribute to the iconic Frank Sinatra. The event is a celebration of Sinatra's music, capturing the essence of the golden era of jazz and swing. Attendees are transported back in time as they enjoy the crooner's greatest hits in a stylish and sophisticated setting.

Why Sinatra Sunday for the MaineStreamers?

The allure of Frank Sinatra's music is timeless, resonating with audiences across generations. Sinatra Sunday provides a unique opportunity for the MaineStreamers and fans alike to come together, share their love for the classics, and experience the magic of live performances.

“Sinatra Sunday at Club Arcada was a night to remember,” said MaineStreamers Director Marie Dachwinsky. “Our members really enjoyed coming together to enjoy a nice Italian dinner along with an evening filled with joy, connection, and the celebration of a musical legend!,” Dachwinsky celebrated.

Attending events like Sinatra Sunday goes beyond entertainment for the Maine Streamers. It's a way for them to strengthen community bonds, foster connections, and create lasting memories. Community events provide a platform for senior individuals to come together, share their interests, and socialize around the arts and entertainment options available.

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