Maine Township Highway Department Secures State & Federal Grants to  Maintain Infrastructure & Community Connectivity

The Department’s grant allocations are part of an increased focus on collaborations with state, federal and county jurisdictions to locate and secure project funding.

The Maine Township Highway Department recently received notice of state and federal grant funding for critical infrastructure and community connectivity improvements in the community.

The allocation of $250,000 in state funding for flood mitigation and infrastructure improvements in unincorporated Maine Township was made possible due to the additional focus on capital projects in this year’s state budget and support from local elected leaders. Assistant Majority Leader, Senator Laura Murphy was instrumental in working with the Highway Department to coordinate this state allocation within the budget.

“We are extremely grateful for Senator Murphy’s support,” Highway Commissioner Beauvais said. “The Highway Department is dependent in part, on the support we receive from our state and federal elected leaders,” Beauvais said. He added, “This Grant will allow us to seek out and codify community partnerships and intergovernmental agreements to the benefit of all Township residents.”

Additionally, thanks to U.S. Congressman Mike Quigley, the Highway Department is also set to receive an additional $475,000 through the Congressman’s Community Project Funding allocation for a planned community connectivity project encompassing three major Township communities which will establish sidewalk and street passage connecting the communities.

“We ‘re ecstatic about this project as well,” Beauvais asserted. He further elaborated, “Congressman Quigley’s support for this project is invaluable and will enhance the quality of life for residents and connect communities of our overlapping areas. In the months ahead, we’ll be working with multiple stakeholders including the Congressman’s office, IDOT and the Northwest Municipal Conference to finalize funding and move this project ahead.”

The Maine Township Highway Department maintains 21.8 miles of roadway, approximately one-hundred streets, and untold numbers of sewers and sidewalks, Maine Township’s unincorporated area is one of the largest unincorporated areas in the entire state. 

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