As the holiday season approaches, with it comes a time for joyous and memorable family and friends’ gatherings and celebrations of all kinds. Regardless of faith or custom, this season is a time for all of us to reflect, visit and be thankful.

It’s during this time also that the pressure to partake in such celebrations may result in additional stress and negative outcomes for those dealing with mental health and addiction issues.

Maine Township’s substance abuse program, Recovery Youth Connection is particularly aware and cognizant of these potential negative outcomes for community members and is working to provide a safe and substance-free environment for those in need this holiday season.

Last year the program hosted a sober get together for community members on “Black Wednesday” – the day before Thanksgiving which is typically associated with drinking alcohol. In lieu of plans to host a similar event, the recovery Youth Connection is calling all of those in need to come and participate in an upcoming Friday night Meeting!

The cornerstone of the Recovery program is the Friday night connection meeting where young people from all types of recovery programs come together to meet, eat, socialize and share how they stay clean and sober. It offers newcomers a powerful example that young people can have fun without drugs and alcohol. The meetings are followed by a very lively group dinner catered from local restaurants. 

Join the Maine Township Recovery Connection this Friday night 11/25 – and every Friday night at 7:30 pm at Oasis Water Park, 7877 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Niles.

For more information on this exceptional and life-changing program visit: