As the weather begins to kick into the true Winter season, Highway Commissioner Ed Beauvais is encouraging Maine Township residents to proceed with caution when traveling the Township’s unincorporated responsibility of managing 21.8 miles of roadway and approximately 100 streets.

As part of the Highway’s management, they are responsible for maintaining snow removal and icing in throughout our community. Maine Township Highway Commissioner Ed Beauvais and his team remain steadfast and meticulous in their essential service by working around the clock to protect the safety of our residents and motorists.

“Recently, the snow has come on suddenly and with great succession,” said Township Highway Commissioner Beauvais. “We are asking all residents to exercise caution and patience while navigating the roadways throughout the holiday season,” Beauvais stated.

Beauvais further elaborated that due to the recent roadside and pedestrian accidents in the county and township, it’s incumbent upon motorists to put safety and defensive driving at front of mind.

Beauvais was speaking about the recent traffic accidents in Des Plaines and Arlington Heights resulting in catastrophic loss of life, injury and enormous damage to private property.

“These unfortunate accidents are sadly a reminder to be careful and always remember to take your time when faced with inclement weather conditions,” Beauvais further explained.

In closing, Commissioner Beauvais is asking residents not to hesitate to call the Highway Department at 847-297-5225 to report an issue or concern along our roadways, streets, sidewalks curbs and any other public right of ways during this holiday season!