Maine Township MaineStreamers is a social group for seniors. The mission of MaineStreamers is to enhance the quality of life for residents 55 years of age and older by providing a broad array of educational programs and recreational activities that encourage socialization and learning, and promote independence, self esteem, and dignity. Membership is free and open to all Maine Township residents.

How to Join

If you want to be an active person and desire the company of your peers, then MaineStreamers is for you! We invite all township residents and property owners to apply for membership, which includes a free subscription to the MaineStreamers monthly newsletter (see below). The newsletter details all activities for the upcoming month. Members pay individually for the activities in which they wish to participate.

MaineStreamers Application – e-signable document


MaineStreamers participate in a wide variety of social, recreational, and educational activities.

Event Photos

You can view photos and highlights from some of our past events.


The MaineStreamers monthly newsletter highlights upcoming events as well as opportunities to participate in a variety of activities, often at no cost or for a nominal fee. You can read or download the latest issue of the newsletter below or view past issues here.

November Newsletter

December Newsletter