Maine Township Decennial Committee

In Illinois, the Decennial Committees on Local Government Efficiency Act plays a crucial role in assessing and improving the efficiency of local government operations. As part of this Act’s mandate, the Township recently publicized the Decennial report of both the Township and the Road District.

Here's an overview of the role of the township’s role under this act and some highlights from the reports. To view the full reports, visit

The committees are established every ten years to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of local government services and operations. They conduct thorough assessments of various aspects of local government operations. This includes reviewing administrative functions, services offered, financial management practices, and organizational structures within the township.

The Township was proud to report a wide array of services offered to residents in all areas within the Township, including property tax abatements, passport services, general assistance, and food pantry services.

Based on this reporting and information, the Township looked at recommendations aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of local government services. These recommendations included further suggestions for consolidating services such as expanding the partnership with the Cook County Sherriff’s office and improving government efficiencies through basic services such as trash pick-up.

Th Decennial Committees on Local Government Efficiency Act emphasizes the importance of public engagement and transparency throughout the assessment process. In Maine Township, residents, stakeholders, and government officials corresponded and spoke with township officials as part of this process. Commissioner Beauvais of the Highway Department deployed a direct approach in seeking input from residents.

While the act does not mandate specific actions, it encourages local governments, including Maine Township, to consider and implement the recommendations put forth by the decennial committees.

During the process, the Maine Township Decennial Committee reported that they reviewed several studies on Township government. Some interesting facts from the studies include:

  • The average local government in IL serves 1800 residents compared to the National Median of 2850.
  • Township expenditures have grown at a lower rate than any level of local government since 1992. Maine Township, like most townships, have zero bond indebtedness.
  • Townships have lower labor costs and employ more part-time workers.
  • Townships provide quality and reliable in-person service to local residents.

Overall, this process has allowed Maine Township to assess, improve, and adapt its local government operations to better serve the needs of its residents while promoting transparency, public participation, and accountability in the governance process.

To read the full Decennial reports visit